The safety of our customers and colleagues is of paramount importance. Below we outline our guidelines to help conquer COVID-19.


We will ensure that our staff are fit and healthy before attending the workplace, and they have not shown any signs of illness within the past two weeks that relate to COVID-19.


Our branches

When we contact a client to book an appointment we will enquire if they or their family are showing or have shown any sign of illness. If this is the case, a discussion will take place to ascertain if the appointment should be booked or delayed.  


When booking an appointment, we will explain the procedure that our clients need to follow to ensure that all parties follow the social distancing guidelines issued by the Government.


We will endeavour to limit appointments to fifteen minutes although this may not be possible on property appraisals; safety checks, repairs and if the property offers extensive accommodation. 


How we will carry out a Market Appraisal


How we recommend, viewings are conducted. 


How we will carry out a Property Maintenance Visits and Inspections. 


covid 19 staying safe